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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling and Holistic Facial Massage £32

Hopi Ear candling only £17

Holistic Facial Massage only £17

I can send you an online Medical History Form to complete in advance of your first visit which allows more time for your treatment.


If you prefer we can complete the form face to face before your treatment

What is Hopi Ear Candling and why does it work?

Hopi Ear Candling is a natural therapy which has been used by many cultures for hundreds of years. Hopi candles are named after a Native American Indian tribe who first introduced the therapy into Europe.

BioSun, the company that make the Ear Candles that I use, began research into the use of Ear Candles in 1985. They had a connection with a Traditional Hopi Elder, who shared his knowledge with BioSun.

The candles are made of 100% pure beeswax, organically grown flax, Betacarotin, and honey extracts. These ingredients are combined with powdered Indian medicinal herbs such as Sage, St John’s Wort and Chamomile. BioSun Ear Candles are the safest, most well-made Ear Candles available.

The herbs used in the candles are key to the healing properties of the candles:

Chamomile:- Anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic sedative

Sage :- Stimulates lymph, increases circulation and relaxes the peripheral blood vessels.

St John’s Wort:- A restorative tonic to the nervous system and mild sedative.

These herbs have been used for centuries for the specific healing qualities. The combined use is very effective in the treatment of head and ear related problems.

Benefits of Hopi Ear Candles

Excellent for the treatment of ear, nose and throat problems such as: Sinusitis, Headaches and Migraine, Tinnitus, Glue Ear, Excess Ear Wax, Rhinitis, Earache, Hyperactivity in children, stress symptoms, Anxiety and sleep disturbances, Colds, Snoring, Hayfever, Ear Eczema, Travel sickness, Hearing problems

Relieves blocked sinuses, relieves catarrh, ear and sinus irritations. It will also instantly cause freer nasal breathing and give an improved sense of smell. It regulates ear pressure, may improve hearing, smell and taste, stimulates local blood and lymph circulation, improves mental clarity, promotes relaxation/stress relief.

How Hopi Ear Candles work

The candles are hollow and tube shaped, and are made of a combination of beeswax, organically grown flax, Betacarotin, and honey extracts in addition to other beneficial ingredients mentioned above.

The candles work in two ways

(1) By creating a vacuum-like pressure (the chimney effect) inside the ear candle. The vibration of the rising air column serves to gently massage the ear drum to promote secretion through the sinuses. This regulates and balances ear pressure.

(2) The locally applied warmth from the burning of the candle stimulates blood circulation in the immediate area, the immune system, and the cleansing circulatory flow of toxins from the lymph glands. Also important acupressure points and reflex zones are stimulated.

The Treatment

The client lies on a couch on their side. One end of the ear candle is inserted in the ear, the other end is lit and is allowed to burn down to a marked level on the candle. Most clients find this process very relaxing. As the candle does its work there may be slight crackling sounds or just a gentle rushing noise from the candle. The time taken for the candle to burn down will vary with each client, but it will be approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The process is repeated on the other ear (it is always advisable to work on both ears). After each ear treatment the candle is safely extinguished, and the client turns to lay on their back. Then follows a gentle holistic facial massage to encourage circulation, and the flow of lymph in the area to assist with removal of toxins.

There are some reasons for not having Ear Candling:

  • Perforated eardrum
  • Grommets in place
  • Recent ear surgery
  • Acute Mastoiditis
  • Ear Tumour
  • Any inflammation of the ear or skin disease in and around the ear.

If the client is currently receiving medical treatment for a condition the doctor must be consulted before undertaking a treatment. Also any undiagnosed pain in the area.

If in any doubt about any discomfort in your ears, head or neck area always consult a doctor before having a Hopi Ear Candle Treatment.

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